Do’s and Don'ts of Body Contouring Services

Before & After your treatment you should-

Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself well hydrated before and after your treatments. Drinking water is a necessary and important part of eliminating the broken down fat. Maintain a low calorie/low fat diet for a few days after your treatment to ensure the energy released by the treatment is properly metabolized and utilized by the body. Remember fat elimination is accelerated by the amount of water you drink!!

Before & After your treatment you should NOT

Do NOT Drink alcohol 24 hours before treatment. Also avoid alcohol for at least 72 hours after treatment. Alcohol affects your liver, it is important your liver is healthy and able to process the fats released by treatment. Alcohol is also dehydrating, Alcohol will affect your results!

Do NOT have caffeine the day of your treatment. If possible avoid caffeine for 24 hours before your treatment. You may have your normal caffeine intake after your treatment.

Do NOT tan or spray tan 24 hours before your treatment.

Do NOT apply any topical products to skin of area to be treated. NO lotions, creams, gels, oils, perfume etc. This will affect treatment results. If you can not avoid having a skin care product on when you arrive for your appointment please let us know so the product can be washed off before starting the session.

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